Health Care Solutions

The Affiliated Workers Association offers a wide-ranging assortment of thoughtfully selected, pre-negotiated health and wellness solutions to address your individual and family needs. What's more, they complement each other to save you even more money, time and effort. The more of these benefits you use, the farther you stretch your health care resources and take charge of your health.

Here's an example of how to combine AWA benefits* to maximize your savings:

"I have higher than normal healthcare expenses. This membership plan offsets those high costs and helps with meeting those expenses. Thanks." Bill
Members have access to fixed indemnity health insurance plans, provided by Freedom Life Insurance Company of America (FLICA), which pay defined cash benefits for eligible medical services defined in the plan. The plans specify both a dollar amount as well as a number of benefits that can be used toward numerous covered medical services, such as doctor visits, hospital confinement, emergency room visits, surgery, diagnostic X-rays and lab work. Although different from major medical insurance, these plans address day-to-day health care costs without annual deductibles or co-pays. They are also guarantee issue with a 12-month pre-existing limitation, which is important for the rising number of Americans who are unable to qualify for major medical insurance due to pre-existing conditions. Your membership plan also includes access to an extensive Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network spanning every state. You always receive lower, pre-negotiated rates when you select a provider from within your PPO network, but you have the freedom to choose any doctor.
"By using Compass, I have been able to save on doctor co-pays and labs." Patricia
AWA membership includes unlimited use of Compass Professional Health Services, a remarkable medical advocacy service. They'll help you find the best provider– by specialty, board certifications, location, languages spoken, cost-effectiveness, and friendliness of office staff – whatever matters to you. Learn what tests or procedures the doctor needs to perform and the likely charges you will incur, so you know your expected out-of-pocket costs upfront. After a doctor visit, Compass makes sure that you get the best price and that services are coded and billed correctly. They resolve issues on your behalf, saving you money, precious time and frustration.

Since a fixed indemnity health insurance plan provides you with a set number of covered doctor visits per year, you'll want to put Teladoc® on speed-dial. Teladoc's unlimited telemedicine benefit lets you consult with a board certified, U.S.-based doctor in your state 24/7, 365 days a year, via phone or online video – avoiding unnecessary urgent care and ER visits. With a national network of experienced physicians, Teladoc doctors can offer medical advice; diagnose and treat simple illnesses; and prescribe and call in medications when necessary to your pharmacy (in most states). Teladoc doesn't replace your primary care physician, but is a convenient option for quality care when needed. Regardless of who holds the AWA membership, this benefit extends to your entire family.

When your doctor orders blood work, be sure to take advantage of MyMedLab. This direct-to-consumer lab service can save you money on the most common blood panels at more than 3,000 participating labs nationwide. You can bundle multiple blood panels for greater savings, and review results online or take them to your primary care physician. This benefit can also save you time with their easy to use online portal. Log in to select the test(s) you need and obtain the location of the closest lab to you with the best pricing - on the spot.

"Concierge service of finding the cheapest providers for diagnostic radiology test was fabulous. It saved me money and time." Linda
Need to have radiology tests? One Call Care radiology network offers high-quality imaging at reduced rates using their network of highly credentialed radiology providers. If you're paying out-of-pocket for these tests, you'll appreciate the savings – up to 50% on MRIs, PET and CT scans. Want to know the best way to find the least-expensive One Call Care facility near you?

All benefits described are included in the AWA Advantage Membership Level